While doing some site restructuring today, I realized I have not made an update post on my project in quite some time. If you want a more detailed follow-along, please click here to check out My Writing Journey. There’s also a front page link — just look for the crossroads sign.

I’m currently in the middle of a major push to finish my manuscript. It’s front-and-center every day. Lots of words still to be written but there’s no more plotting to do. Just telling the story.

It’s an exciting time for me. One that will never be repeated. Completing that first book is a milestone. It’s one that separates someone who writes from the authors who have written. This is the first and only time I will get to experience the harrowing, joyous journey to the final punctuation mark of the final sentence of the final chapter of my first novel.

I lined up beta-readers last weekend. Nothing to light a fire under you like telling a whole bunch of people you’re going to give them a manuscript next month! I felt very blessed and fortunate that all of them accepted. We’ll see how I feel when I’m sitting at home, chewing my nails, waiting for feedback.

I’m nearly at the half-way point with the manuscript. I’m occasionally stunned that this flicker of an idea has turned into this raging bonfire of a project. Creativity is a beautiful thing. It’s like wild magic — more about surrender than control. The Muse has been good to me lately, probably because I stopped blowing her off. Girls… we’re like that, you know?

One big addition to my project writing is the decision to blog about the entire process (I wrote more about that decision here). It’s involving some extra words that aren’t going towards the completion of TLD, but I am enjoying the accountability and transparency. I really hope that other writers and readers will end up with a good look inside what it’s like for a writer set a goal, push toward that goal, and navigate the new territory of doing something they’ve never done before.

My timeline still looks the same:

June/1st part of July: finish manuscript, line edit.

July: Beta-readers receive the manuscript, responses due in 3 weeks. They are mainly reading for continuity and plot holes. I have the editing thing covered but have asked them to mark typos/missing words where they catch them. While betas are doing their thing, I’ll be researching agents and putting the final touches on my query letter.

End of July/August: Edit/fix everything the beta readers found. Hopefully, my painstaking plotting will keep these edits to a minimum, otherwise, I might have to adjust my timeline. Prep a query plan.

August: Send out the first round of queries and start praying. This is the part that makes my stomach clench, partially because I’m nervous about no one wanting the series and partially because I’m nervous that someone will want the series. While I’m keeping the nerves about the former on a tight leash, I’m allowing myself all the nerves I want about the latter.

I really hope that I’ll have some good news for you by the end of the year. I hope that one day soon, I will be able to take all of you to the Underworld as I know it, in all its harrowing and sublime beauty. Remember to take a moment to subscribe to my list (see the sidebar to sign up) so you get notifications of updates.

Back to work!

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