change comes a-knockin’
selling nothin’ no one wants
ringin’ my bell
’round ten
i come out swingin’
like the screen door
what’s on the mat
fist raised and knockin’
my light’s out
(means ‘go away’ in Southern)
got your number mister
count me out

Title: Fight

that’s pretty much
how it goes down
every time
change comes ’round

maybe this time
i’ll make us a julep
set a spell
(only toddlers need corners)
look at what I can’t live without
that I didn’t know I needed
get me that two-for-one
that limited time offer
(just a gimmick, you know, time —
the offer’s always good):

change me
i change the world for free.

~Melody Wingfield, 2012

Melody Wingfield

Author | Voice Artist | Witch Queen - Melody Wingfield is an author of dark fantasy, epic mythology, horror, and erotica. She writes as Hekate, Goddess of Magick on Twitter (@HekateHerself) and The Blood Countess, Elizabeth Bathory on Twitter (@ReginaSanguina). You can follow her on her social media links and subscribe at her website,


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